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Percy Pig Gets a Pedicure | Cute Photos

The Only Photo of a Pig Getting a Pedicure You Need to See Today

Do not adjust your sets — that really is a picture of Percy Pig getting a pedicure. Most beauty therapists have probably dealt with some trotters in their time, but this takes the biscuit! In what must be the cutest cross-promotion we've seen in a long time, the Marks and Spencer mascot (most often found in delicious jelly sweet form) took a trip to Bliss Spa for a bit of pampering. Though we're sure the fact it was recently Percy's 21st birthday had a little something to do with it, the visit was actually made to celebrate the fact that Bliss products are hitting the Your Beauty department of M&S.

While we all ponder what the average M&S shopper will think of products with names like Fat Girl Slim, we can celebrate along with our favourite pink sweetie by indulging in a limited-edition "Percy Pig Pedi" at the spa. That's right, this is not just a one-off for Percy. Book in now for a treat involving limited-edition raspberry and Champagne body butter, pastel-coloured polish, and, of course, plenty of Percy snacks to pig out on!

Image Source: Getty
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