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Philosophy Inner Grace Body Spritz

Product Review: Philosophy Inner Grace Perfumed Body Spritz

Although this isn't a brand-new fragrance, or even a new product for that matter, ever since my recent discovery of Philosophy Inner Grace Body Spritz (£22), I've been addicted.

I can already tell that it's totally going to be my secret weapon this Summer when I'm looking for a featherweight veil of fragrance to help refresh me from the icky stickiness of the heat and humidity of July and August.

Also it doubles as the perfect pick-me-up for your hair on days that you skip a washing. The scent is clean, light, floral, crisp and slightly sweet. In fact, it's my favourite scent our of the four Philosophy Grace fragrances because it was created to bring peace and harmony into the lives of the women who wear it.

Who knows, maybe it's completely psychological, but when I spritz it all over my body, I just feel more balanced, calm and protected. Do you wear scented body mists?
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