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Photo of Actress Emilia Fox Promoting Charles Worthington Time Defying Anti-Ageing Hair Care Range

Emilia Fox Shows Us How To Age Proof Our Hair: Part 2

I'm thrilled that English rose Emilia Fox is the new face (and hair) of Charles Worthington's Time Defy Hair Care range. I spoke to the award-winning actress about her beauty routine and the film industry's portrayal of older women so be sure to check out the first part of my interview with Emilia. Here she discusses ageing and the role hair plays in feeling good about yourself.

  • What do you like about your age?
    What I like about my age right now is that I know what suits me!
  • How does your hair affect your confidence?
    I think most people would say the same —my hair really affects my confidence. When it’s styled for me I feel better, in the same way that wearing a beautiful dress or fantastic shoes makes you feel more confident. I love nothing better than having my hair done by someone who is an expert, like Charles.

For Emilia's views on how hairstyles help her get into character, just read more.

  • How important is hairstyle and hair colour to get into roles for the character you’re playing?
    They're very important when getting into a role as it defines what period you’re in. I like that I can disguise myself and become another character through a look. The amount of changes that your hair goes through, you have to be able to look after it and make sure it looks as healthy as your face looks on screen – which is where Time Defy comes in.
  • If you could change anything over time what would it be?
    I would request that time didn’t go so fast because there is still so much to do!


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