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Beauty Glossary: Trout Pout

With the recent news that Keira Knightley has been voted 'best pout' in a poll, beating Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham to the top spot, I've been thinking about the downside to plumped-up lips; cruelly dubbed the 'trout pout'.

The term was first used in reference to '90's TV actress Leslie Ash who had collagen lip implants in 2003. The procedure went horribly wrong, giving her an unmistakably swollen and misshapen mouth. The British tabloids termed it a 'trout pout' and the phrase caught on, especially as at this time Lesley was on the box regularly, starring in a series of adverts for Homebase with ex-Men Behaving Badly co-star Neil Morrissey.

Leslie told the BBC at the time that she opted to have the lip implants because she wanted "to maintain a certain image...I know I never really needed it doing in other people's eyes, and that's a great compliment." The actress has since undergone corrective surgery, but to little avail.

While collagen implants have certainly come a long way in the last five years, the risk of 'trout pout' or of any aspects of the procedure going wrong, such as having an unexpected allergic reaction, like Leslie did, are still off putting in many people's minds.

The term is now widely used by the media to refer to any star who has had noticeable implants to increase their pout, particularly when the upper lip is boosted out of proportion to the lower lip. Brittany Murphy and Saffron Burrows have both been accused of having trout pouts, while last month French actress Emmanuelle Beart appeared to have gone over the top in having her lips augmented.

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