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Photos of Madonna and Lindsay Lohan's New latest Hairstyle. Tight, Undulating Curls. Beauty Glossary Definition

Beauty Glossary: Undulating Curls

There's been a recent vogue for tight, undulating curls recently, with everyone from High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens to Lindsay Lohan and Madonna sporting the trend. The word undulating itself means "moving up and down like waves" and "forming a series of regular curves". Undulating also implies that the movements are smooth and undulating curls tend to increase in size and thickness as you move down the hair.

This hairstyle is also sometimes termed 'cascading curls' as there is that same sense of long, flowing locks. However unlike with loose waves (think Gisele's hair) these twists are slightly tighter and have a more structured appearance. Madonna and Lindsay paired their kinky tresses with a flat middle parting, for a sweet, almost girlie effect. Alternatively, graceful waves and coils of hair combined with a side parting, as America Ferrera recently wore, make for classic Old Hollywood glamour.

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