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Princess Eugenie's Nail Art

Princess Eugenie Doesn't Abide by This 1 Royal Beauty Rule, and We Bet You've Never Noticed

Princess Eugenie's Nail Art
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Princess Eugenie is certainly no stranger to the list of protocol that comes with being born into the British royal family, and beauty is no exception, particularly when it comes to nail art.

Although there are no hard "rules" about how royals can wear their hair and makeup, certain etiquette is taken into consideration. (Take Meghan Markle's messy bun for example: there is no rule saying she isn't allowed to wear the hairstyle, but you rarely see other royals doing so, and you'll never see this style for formal occasions.) But since Princess Eugenie is 9th in line for the throne, it seems the rules are a little more relaxed for her. She's the royal you're most likely to see with a red lip, and most of all, the one who isn't scared of trying out nail trends. Girl after our own heart, she's partial to fun designs, although she tends to stick to patriotic and festive manicures.

Nail art might not seem like a big deal, but you'll rarely see any nail polish at all on the Duchess of Cambridge. As for Meghan? Although the duchess wore dark polish for the British Fashion Awards, she too only tends to stick to light pinks for her manicures, just like Queen Elizabeth II, who famously only wears Essie Ballet Slippers. A hue that it appears, Princess Eugenie wore for her own wedding in October 2018. Ahead, get a closer look at some of Princess Eugenie's best nail art moments that we bet you've never even noticed before.

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