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Priscilla Ono Puts Fenty Lipstick in a Palette Form

Rihanna's Makeup Artist Ground Up Her Fenty Lipstick, and the Internet Has Some Feelings

If you stayed up until midnight on Dec. 26 to order Fenty Beauty's first-ever line of Mattemoiselle lipsticks as soon as the 14 shades dropped, the following news might hurt your soul. No, the Fenty Beauty Burner isn't back setting fire to Killawatt highlighter (though that was hard to stomach, too!).

Instead, official Fenty Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono decided to grind down her Mattemoiselle shades into one portable palette. And while that may sound fairly convenient for a makeup artist who has to travel the world with her product, the sight of Priscilla's handiwork is almost too much for some fans to bear. Priscilla posted a video of her palletised lipsticks on Instagram and quickly garnered some criticism. "This really hurt me," one person wrote. Another mused, "This is heartbreaking and satisfying all at the same time."

However, many more makeup enthusiasts came to Priscilla's defence. One person wrote that making the palette was a "Great way to utilise space and put together colours you use more frequently together. [It] saves that search time to find you frequently used colours and makes it easy to mix to combine for your own customised look." It doesn't hurt that Priscilla's colourful post is sort of hypnotising. One person called it "makeup porn," and another simply wrote, "I can't stop watching this." Agreed!

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