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Priyanka Chopra Beach Hair Selfie

Priyanka Chopra Makes the Case For Not Brushing Out Your Beach Hair

Once you see Priyanka Chopra's latest selfie, you'll be saying, "Beach, please!" The actress looks stunning with unbrushed ocean hair and a stained lip. That magical Summer light perfect illuminates part of her face. She captioned the look, "Summer lovin . . . 🌊πŸ₯‚πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Œ #carfiesunday."

Priyanka's selfie is so meaningful because we've all been there. You just got back from an seaside day of fun, there's salt in your hair, and you just don't care! Maybe you're driving in a car with the windows down and your hair gets extra windblown and you have no intention of brushing it anytime soon. Priyanka reminds us that it's OK to rock this look to the tiki bar, at the ice cream shop, or on Instagram in front of your 18.2 million followers. Bless!

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