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Product Review: Botanicals Rose and Camellia Cleansing Melt

I love supporting local brands, especially if they're natural and do your body good. That's why when I discovered Rose and Camellia Cleansing Melt (£14.95) from Botanicals, I got especially excited. This product is so much more than a face wash. The spongy balm-like texture helps not only remove dirt, makeup and oil, but also clogged pores and impurities that begin down in the deep, abysmal layers of your skin.

And I love how easy it is to wash off. Granted, it's made from plant oils, but, that's a good thing, because all of the grime and build up on your skin literally dissolves. However, instead of leaving your skin feeling greasy like you still have a layer of filth on you when you wash it off, it's actually water soluble, so everything just melts away — hence the fitting product name!

The rose and camellia range that I have been using is designed for normal to dry skin in need of hydration and nourishment, but the other range (chamomile and mandarin) is best suited for combination skin that is problem prone.

The company is based in England and believes in re-balancing the skin instead of using harsh ingredients to get results. After one use, my face feels clean, soft and supple instead of crackly and dry, the way that other products can leave me feeling. The only drawback is that the concentrated balm gets stuck under my fingernails, so I've created my own little wooden scooper to help with the application so that I don't lose product in the transition from pot to punim. Besides that, I have no complaints. What's your favourite face wash?

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