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Psychological Meanings Behind Common Beauty Nightmares

A Dream Interpreter Breaks Down 6 Common Beauty Nightmares

Psychological Meanings Behind Common Beauty Nightmares

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy — no, you're not listening to "Lose Yourself" for the trillionth time. Your sleep was just interrupted by a terrifying beauty nightmare, jolting you awake.

Instead of just shaking it off and plunging back under your comforter, maybe tonight you've decide to bust out your iPhone and frantically Google the meaning behind your dream. Blue light warnings aside, Cathy Pagano, Jungian psychologist, astrologer, and dream interpreter, encourages everyone to take a deep look at their nightmares. "Dreams tell you what your truth is," she told POPSUGAR. "We should be listening to our dreams all of the time."

On the surface, it might feel like common beauty nightmares are just about aesthetics. For instance, when you toss and turn over a dream about your teeth falling out, you might think it's because that's an objectively terrifying thought. However, those nightmares often have a deeper emotional reason you might not expect. "There are so many layers to dreams," Pagano said. "An interpreter can give you the big picture, but ultimately you shape your own interpretation."

Ready to fully understand the things that keep you up at night? Keep reading to uncover the potential meanings to common beauty nightmares.

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