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Pumpkin Spice Nail Art Tutorial

This Nail Art Tutorial Proves the Pumpkin Spice Craze Has Gone Too Far

The pumpkin spice craze โ€” initially started by the pumpkin spice latte โ€” has gone a little too far. In an effort to illustrate that point, however, one nail artist is taking it a step further.

On her Instagram, the blogger, who goes by twi-star, shares a textured nail tutorial that incorporates real pumpkin spice. She first paints her nails with an orange polish before applying a topcoat and dusting on the pumpkin spice for a truly unique manicure. She then just starts dipping her whole fingers in the spice, because why not?

According to her caption, some people in the comments might have thought the tutorial was meant to be taken seriously. In response, the blogger wrote, "A lot of you are missing the joke, this 'mani' is to point out how silly the whole pumpkin spice thing has become." She added, "Ya know, sarcasm?"

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