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Rainbow Ombre Hair Technique

We're Obsessed With This Brunette-Approved Rainbow Ombré Trend

We all know that blondes don't really have all the fun, but when it comes to dying your hair a splashy rainbow hue it is true that they often have the upper hand. Before you even think about throwing on a fun colour, brunettes must first bleach the heck out of their hair so that the colour picks up more vibrantly.

That, of course, spells hours upon hours of processing, and sometimes multi-visits to salon. Not to mention the toll it takes on your tresses. Insert "Velvet Vivids," a technique developed by St. Loius-based colourist, Caitlin Ford.

"This #velvetvivids technique is perfect for darker hair palettes because the hair does not need to be lightened as drastically, which means healthier hair for your clients," Ford wrote on her Instagram. The technique is essentially the same as gently lightening hair like you'd do for highlights via a lower volume developer, she further explained to Allure. After lightening, you strategically follow up with a second process of vivid colour.

What's just as important to note about this particular dye job is that Ford created an ombré effect by leaving the roots intact. That means that rainbow ombré is not only a healthier option for your hair, but a low maintenance one, as well. We can definitely get behind that!

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