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Review of Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips

Product Review: Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips

Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips (£19) is a product that launched last year, but it's something that I've just discovered. Remember when you were a kid and you could buy those green or blue mood lipsticks that would change colour when you put them on? This is kind of the same concept, only the colour doesn't change as your mood changes. In fact, once you apply the sheer, yet punchy stain, it remains for hours without smudging or wearing off — even after two cuppas!

I'm not much of a stain freak, but if I had to choose one to wear, this would be it. It's for a girl who doesn't love the feel of a creamy lipstick or tacky lip gloss, but loves the look of them. Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips intensifies the natural colour of your lips by making them a bit brighter and more pink. You can wear it alone, or under a gloss to create your own customised look. The only warning I can offer is to apply it with a light hand. The colour doesn't adjust and once it's on your lips, it's there to stay. What's your favourite lip stain?

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