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Is Rihanna Launching a Fenty Beauty Men's Line?

Is Rihanna Launching a Fenty Beauty Men's Line? The Internet REALLY Hopes So!

We believe makeup is genderless, and Fenty is a frickin' godsend, so men, we truly hope you've already tried something from Rihanna's line for yourselves. But if you haven't yet, now could be your chance — since the brand just hinted that products targeted to men might be in the works.

This rumour started when someone tweeted at the team informing them that her father "loves Fenty Beauty so much." His adoration prompted her to inquire if the line would ever consider releasing dude-oriented makeup. Fenty's official reply? A cryptic "Never say never..." that got the Internet all riled up.

People began weighing in with their suggestions for the concept, with one man asking for "organic scrubs, cleansers, and a daily moisturiser." (If you recall, another popular Fenty rumour making waves 'round the interwebs is that Rihanna might launch a Fenty skincare line soon).

One woman wrote that the brand should drop, "some beard and skin stuff for the fellas," adding that, "if he's already picking up his stuff [at Sephora] he can get mine too. Win/win."

To reiterate, at this point, these rumours are all just everyone's wild, wild, wild thoughts running rampant on Twitter. But, considering how Fenty has truly dominated the industry in the mere two months it has existed, pretty much anything is possible. Gentlemen of the world, we urge you not to wait until this proposed line drops to get in on the fun — especially if you want to rock a glitter eye.

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