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Rihanna Shark Tattoo | September 2016

"AubRih" Fans Are Going to Be Obsessed With Rihanna's Cute New Tattoo

Drake and Rihanna fans have been praying for an official "AubRih" relationship for years, and now it seems like our dreams could be coming true. Shortly after congratulating her on her big win with an "extra" billboard, he literally professed his love for her at this year's VMAs. Though Rihanna didn't return his affections after his speech, her latest tattoo speaks volumes.

Not too long ago, Drake took Rihanna on a romantic candlelit dinner date at the Toronto Aquarium, where he presented her with the gift of a plush camouflage shark. Please note that Rihanna's newest ink — courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang in NYC — is of a camouflage shark.

Combined with the fact that Rihanna recently kissed Drake on stage, we're hoping that this is a sign that AubRih are making it official.

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