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Rihanna Wears Crystal Bobby Pins on Instagram

Rihanna's Crystal Bobby Pins Are Giving Us Flashbacks to the '90s in the Best Kind of Way

Dig your hair clips out of your Caboodle, because Rihanna's latest hairstyle is giving us major '90s vibes. On Sunday, she stepped out wearing her hair down and with a middle part, with two crystal-studded bobby pins on either side of that part, bringing to mind '90s beauty icons like Margot Tenenbaum, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Drew Barrymore. We're filing this under hairstyles we didn't know we wanted to bring back until Rihanna wore them.

See, when it comes to Rihanna and beauty, it goes a little like this: If she steps out wearing neon green nail polish, we do too. When she serves us all beauty tutorials on YouTube videos, you can bet we follow step by step, and if she gives us flashes back to the '90s with skinny eyebrows . . . OK, OK, maybe we draw a line at copying this one.

But one thing we can get totally get on board with is her newfound love of hair accessories — especially since hair accessories, in general, are back in a major way. Case in point: the superchic jewelled barrettes at the Chanel 2020 Cruise Show and all the pearls, safety pins, and flowers we've seen worn by celebrities on the red carpet. As for crystal-studded bobby pins like these, you can thank hairstylist Justine Marjan for helping spark that trend, which now Rihanna is taking and making the coolest accessory trend of the Summer. BRB while we run back to our parents' house to find all of our old clips we saved from our tween years.

And it wasn't just bobby pins the singer showed off on Instagram. She also debuted a slightly more auburn hue to her hair, lightening up the onyx shade she's been rocking as of late. It's unclear whether it's a permanent hair colour change or whether she's experimenting; either way, it's making us reconsider our next trip to the colourist.

Although she doesn't wear them too often, Rihanna is certainly no hair-accessories novice (let's get real, she isn't a novice at anything); she's worn some of the best ones out there. Get a look at some of her best hair accessory moments ahead.

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