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Rosehip Oil Beauty Blog Website Definition Glossary. Makes Skin Younger, Fades Scars,Wrinkles, Acne. Increases Radiance

Beauty Glossary: Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip OilNot to be confused with rose oil, rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds or 'hips' of wild grown rosebushes and it is the only vegetable oil which contains natural retinol acid (vitamin A acid).

Rosehip oil is also full of other natural skin-boosting ingredients. It is high in essential fatty acids including linoleic fatty acids which helps reduce the size of pores.

Since rosehip oil contains high content of vitamin A, it is an ideal treatment for many infections such as acne, pimples and boils. It is also useful in the treatment of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds, burns and varicose veins.

For more benefits and to find out which brands I recommend, read more.

The other great benefit of Rosehip Oil is that it has a short surface time on the skin, which means it's absorbed fast and leaves no fatty residue. It smooths away wrinkles and fine lines and is ideal for prematurely ageing skin, as it boosts radiance.

I'm a great advocate of this oil and after using it every other day for a few months my skin is feeling a lot smoother, as well as looking brighter and younger, though of course, like all products, it depends on skin type.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil, (£14.95), is one of my September must-have's because of it's amazing beautifying effects. A'kin Rosehip Oil, (£14.99) also uses only 100% organic rosehip seeds, and is good for mature skin.

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