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Shower Tips

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Julia Sperling

There's a chance your indulgent showers are causing your irritated skin, not curing it. We've partnered with AVEENO® to bring you the must-know tips and products for taking a proper shower.

Most of us shower on autopilot, reaching for the same products and following the same sequence of steps every time. But maybe it's time to rethink how we're washing up. Because believe it or not, there's a wrong way and a right way to shower. If one overly hot bath can leave us with dry, irritated skin, just imagine what years of daily showering could do! Luckily, all it takes is a few easy tweaks to get back on track towards healthy, balanced, and glowing skin from head to toe. Keep reading for the best steps to follow the next time you hop in the shower.