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Sieve as a Diffuser

This Girl Is Using a Sieve as a Diffuser: Don't Try This at Home!

DIY beauty is taking turns that are giving us whiplash! Safety has well and truly gone out the window, and I'm worried. Sometimes, just because your grandmother did it, doesn't mean you should in 2017.

During my Instagram scroll into the deep hole of helpful hacks and creative makeup ideas, I came across a video of a woman holding a sieve up to her head, and thought "what now?" She was using it instead of a diffuser to keep her curls safe during the drying process. And while there's no denying her hair looks gorgeous, I can't help thinking this particular beauty hack has the potential to be downright dangerous.

To be fair, she does state she only does this when she is at a friend's house without a diffuser, but I think I'd just play it safe and rock an octopus bun instead. Let's talk safety, people! Most sieves are made of plastic that can easily melt when exposed to high heat. Even the metal ones could end up scorching your hair or scalp. If you feel like you have to use a kitchen appliance for the perfect curls, be sure to keep your dryer on a medium to low heat setting, and don't hold the dryer nozzle in one place for too long. No amount of intensive conditioning will reverse the effects of burnt hair!

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