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Sir Alan Sugar and Lush

Cheeky or Cheap Shot: Sir Alan's The Butt of Lush

You don't want to cross Sir Alan Sugar or there'll be consequences. Aside from a proper tongue lashing via lawyers, Lush has used Sir Alan's face and name on their products and he's not happy about it. To be fair, Lush was used in one of the recent Apprentice episodes, so they saw this as an opportunity to capitalise. Sir Alan however, finds their actions offensive.

The advert for the two bath ball body exfoliators, Sugar Babe and Sugar Scrub (£2.50 each) features a photo of Sir Alan's face on a woman's bum and the products are described as, "slightly abrasive but ultimately good for you." Sugar Scrub (the green product) also claims that it "stimulates activity where there was once sluggishness." What do you think of Lush pointedly making fun of Sir Alan as a marketing means?

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