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Skincare For Anxiety

This Skincare Range Might Help Reduce Your Anxiety

There are many things that can help ease anxiety, including exercise, feline friends, and even positive mantras. But there's one thing I'd never thought to consider, and that's skin care. Awake Organics is a skincare line that focusses on using mood-boosting ingredients to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and low moods.

The product line is designed to promote what the brand calls "aromather-happy", with the idea that healthy ingredients and aromatherapy can work together to help create a more mindful and balanced lifestyle. The products include a mud enzyme mask, two vegan facial serums, a waterless hydra-cream, and an aluminium-free deodorant. Each product in the line is manufactured by hand, using ethical, organic, and sustainable ingredients. So, not only can you have piece of mind from the aromatherapy benefits, but also from knowing that the products aren't harmful to the environment.

The Clear and Glowing Facial Serum (£30) promises to help fight blemishes with tea tree and rosemary, as well as being calming thanks to the inclusion of lavender, which is said to enhance energy and boost mood. The Raw Detoxifying Enzyme Face Mask (£33) aims to refine and purify using dead sea mineral mud and green tea and grape seed extracts. Most of the products in the range include no parabens, GMOs, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, or PEGs.

The one thing I'd note about the skincare line is that the scents are very strong, which is due to the high essential oil content that is necessary to get all the benefits of each ingredient. If you're sensitive to fragrance, this is something to bear in mind when choosing products. And if you don't like to use oils on your face, you can always use the products to moisturise your hands whilst still getting the benefits of the scents.

If you're after a remedy to help relieve minor anxiety and the stresses of modern day life, why not add it into your beauty routine?

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