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Smurfette Halloween Costume Idea For 2011

Halloween Costume Idea: Smurfette

The costume: Smurfette
The Smurfs have been a staple childhood cartoon that has just been reincarnated into a movie. Smurfette is the cute female of the bunch that can be made sexy and fun — perfect for Halloween 2011.

Hair and makeup: Next, make the look fun with sparkly blue nail polish, blue lipstick, or, even better, blue face paint. Be sure and score either a yellow wig or yellow hair paint along with must-have long, false eyelashes.

What to wear: Wear a white tube or strappy dress that flairs out at the bottom if you can find one. Blue body paint would look amazing, but you can certainly opt for blue tights, long blue gloves, and a white hat with white shoes for the basics.

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