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Snoop Dogg Narrates Makeup Tutorial

Snoop Dogg Narrated a Makeup Tutorial, and It Went Exactly the Way You'd Expect

YouTube has brought us 14 years' worth of videos we never knew we needed, but no video has been worth waiting for more than NikkieTutorials's latest makeup video, narrated by Snoop Dogg. The rapper has continued to surprise fans after striking up a friendship and TV show with Martha Stewart in 2016, but just when we didn't think he could get any funnier, he hops on board the makeup tutorial train.

The tutorial features a lot of wonderful Snoop-isms such as "get some cream on that brizz-ush" and "smoke it out baby, for me." His interpretation of her techniques are so funny, we wish every tutorial featured commentary by the rapper. Check out the video, above.

Image Source: Youtube User NikkieTutorials
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