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Soap & Glory for Men

Beauty Byte: Soap & Glory Gears Up For Guys!

Soap & Glory at ShopStyle

Kitchy makeup and skincare brand Soap & Glory is gearing up to launch nine products for men this October. According to WWD, the collection includes shaving cream, shower gel, hair putty, spot cream and gift sets with more a rock and roll, groovy style packaging than the women's range.

With products such as Soaper Heroes and Glow Job, it's no wonder why the interest of men may have been peaked! And as if that's not enough, the brand also has plans to launch even more skincare and bath and body products for 2009.

Marcia Kilgore, London-based founder said, "A lot of men won’t admit to using products. We’re in a position to make fun of using products. We don’t think men want to approach cash desks and seem to be serious about getting rid of their wrinkles. If it seems like he’s having a laugh, it’ll be more palatable for his ego, and of course the products work as we still want him to come back for that second purchase."

Leave a comment below to let me know if you'd be inclined to buy the gag grooming items like these for your guy?

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