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Is Storybook Cosmetics Launching a Subscription Service?

Is Storybook Cosmetics Launching a Subscription Service? Signs Point to Maybe!

Just about everything Storybook Cosmetics touches turns to viral gold. The brand is known for best-selling (and perennially out-of-stock) book and film-themed products, such as rose makeup brushes, a Mean Girls palette, and Hogwarts House-inspired lipsticks. Once thought of as an indie darling label, Storybook's made one big step into the mainstream market this year with its expansion into Ulta. Now, Erin, Mandy, and Missy Maynard, the identical triplet sisters behind Storybook, have announced they're up to another major project — and we think we know what it is.

As the caption for a mysterious Instagram post by Storybook reads, "We've been quiet. You will soon know why. #StorybookBookClub." The photo showed a sketch of a book surrounded by the words, "You don't want to miss this. . .stand by for more info." Of course, such vague phrasing could mean anything, but we have a hunch it could be a clue that the brand is starting a membership or subscription service (hence the word "club").

That educated guess is backed up in the post's comments section, where many fans took to brainstorming what the meaning could be. "If y'all are starting a subscription I'm gonna be soooo happy," one person wrote. Another said, "Ok so I'm guessing it's a subscription service where you send people different products based on a different book each month?"

Whatever it is, our hearts, minds, and wallets are ready for this newness. Watch this space for more information!

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