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Throne Made Out of Beautyblenders

You Need to Know That a Throne of Beautyblenders Exists

For true makeup enthusiasts, Beautyblenders are sort of like their own form of currency. The application essentials are a must for any arsenal, and I personally have a moment of silence anytime I have to throw one out (which should be every three months!).

A lifetime supply of Beautyblenders would be high on any makeup enthusiast's wish list, but what about a literal throne of them? Here is just a friendly nudge that such extravagance actually exists.

As the brand posted to Instagram, the hot pink, macrame-looking chair is not only a real thing in this world, but it's actually part of a giveaway. If you follow the instructions in this Instagram post, it could potentially be yours.

I think if you applied your makeup every day on a cosmetics cathedra, that would pretty much make you Queen of Everything. So maybe don't sleep on this offer (but do sleep on the chair once you win it).

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