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Tie-Dye Hair Colour Trend

Tie-Dye Hair Is Exactly What Your Locks Need For Spring

The latest rainbow hair trend is about to bring you back to your Summer camp days. Hollywood hairstylist Tanya Ramirez coined "tie-dye hair" after creating the look on a model, which she revealed was inspired by a Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori.

To create the Shibori look, Ramirez first tinted the hair a light shade of blue, then wrapped popsicle sticks soaked with a darker cyan dye throughout different sections of the hair. The colourist completed the technique brushing on a cobalt dye on the tips of the model's locks, which pulled the Shibori style together.

"I've wanted to create this look for at least three years. I finally felt skilled enough to achieve my vision," she wrote on Instagram.

Tie-dye hair is the latest colourful hair trend to emerge, daring the brave to try the rainbow hues. We have to admit, upon seeing the model whip her hair back and forth, we're all for the Shibori style. Watch the dye technique in full below.

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