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Using Deodorant as a Mattifier

The 1 Instagram Beauty Hack You Should Avoid at All Costs

We'll admit it — there are plenty of sneaky beauty tips that we've learned from Instagram, and all with serious merit. There's proof that onions can actually grow your eyebrows, garlic can quash a breakout, and mouthwash can stave off dandruff. But sometimes, you have to draw a line at some of the more ridiculous techniques, especially if there's a risk of causing damage.

Instagram user s_hossine shared that she applies a bit of deodorant to her face to keep oil at bay. While this does make sense — and likely works well — it's not something you should try. Deodorant works by clogging the pores in your armpits that are connected to sweat glands, thus preventing odor and wetness. But we all know that plugging up our facial pores leads to congestion and spots.

If you really want to mattify your complexion, use a product designed specifically for this use: a primer. Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer (£39) can be used under and even over makeup to flatten shine and prevent oiliness. It even contains tea tree oil, which is an antimicrobial ingredient that prevents blemishes.

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