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Victoria Beckham Aeroplane Beauty Routine

Victoria Beckham's In-Flight Beauty Routine Is Easier Than You Would Expect

Along with the launch of her new Estée Lauder products, Victoria Beckham blessed us with a series of Instagram videos that give a peek at her routine. Luckily for us, it seems these snapshot videos aren't going anywhere. She recently posted a video of her in-flight beauty routine, and we're pleased to announce it actually isn't as complicated as we expected.

The biggest emphasis is on hydrating and highlighting, paired with Victoria's signature smoky eye. First and most importantly, Victoria washes her hands to avoid all those Aeroplane germs. She then begins by delicately placing Morning Aura (£68) on her cheekbones. Then, she follows this with bronzer in Saffron Sun (£52) to add a sun-kissed contour. After applying a slick of mascara, she finishes off adding Aura Gloss in Honey (£30) to her lips and cheekbones for maximum glow.

A few commenters said that the queue in economy would be longer than the plane itself if everyone took that long in the toilet. But, beauty waits for no one, so take time to apply that highlighter!

See the full video above to become part of a Spice Girl-approved mile high makeup club.

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