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Vita Liberata Rich Face Self Tan Lotion Review

The Fake Tan For Your Face That Will Never Leave You Tango'd

I've always been a bit frightened of fake tan for the face. You can cover up mistakes on your body, but if you get a streak on your face, the whole world is going to see! In the past I've tended to build up colour with gradual tanner and bronzer or, better still, leave it to the professionals and their magic airspray. That was until I finally took the plunge with Vita Liberata.

Having used its body products for a while, I knew this was a brand I could trust, and I had high hopes for Vita Liberata Rich Face Tinted Lotion (£18). On my combination-dry skin, this worked like a dream. The thick lotion has an almost gel-like consistency, but it spreads well, and the rich chocolate-coloured tint helps you to work out where you've applied it. If you make sure the guide colour looks even, your tan will be too. The sweet, chocolatey scent hides any fake tan smell and, despite the strong tint, didn't stain my pillow. The result the following morning was a natural-looking glow, which lasted a couple of days before needing a top-up, fading evenly (with a little exfoliation). Now, when I tan my body, I can make sure my face matches without worrying about streaks or patches!

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