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We Can See Your Beauty Future: Summer Beauty Predictions from Stylesight

We Can See Your Beauty Future: 2010 Predictions from Stylesight

I'm always fascinated by trend forecasters. How do they do it? It seems like such a unique art to predict what we'll be thinking, wearing, and shopping for in the months ahead!

New York's Stylesight is one of the best in the business. The agency surveys everything from catwalks, to street trends in Tokyo and complex research data to compile its reports.

Its Trend Director Andrea Praet is known for her genius at spotting new phenomenons in both fashion and beauty. I caught up with her this week to find out her top beauty tips for Summer. To see what she said, just read more.

AU NATURELLE: Think: natural, but at its best. Products will start appearing to enhance your natural features, from non-makeup makeup, to illuminating day creams. Andrea explains, "The first trend is rooted in the carefree attitude of the 1960s and '70s, where simplicity ruled supreme, and a clean, natural face was the result of a no-fuss beauty regime. Today there are products and treatments that give the illusion of wash n' go, but the reality is that a girl needs a little help to have a flawless face and smooth, silky hair. New products will enhance what's already there."

HOT SHADES: Girly hues, ice cream shades and pastels. "What's emerging is the use of hyperbolic pastels, also reminiscent of girlish colors from the 1960s. Seen in shades of pink, lavender, mint and even chambray blue, this palette is showing up in washes of color on the eyes, applied to hair and painted on nails."

FUTURISM: From makeup to hair, the look to work is 'other-worldly' human. "Futuristic influences from 3-D movies to out-of-this-world fashion has had a big impact on beauty. Cosmetics have incorporated subtle iridescence effects and shimmer to give a glow. A barely-there brow works well for this look as well as a pale, porcelain complexion. Hair is parted extremely to one side, crimped or pulled back into a messy bun or chignon. Nails have the most fun in this trend and take a daring turn with bright blues, teals, oranges."

CLASSIC BEAUTY: Think classic beauty treatments, products and heritage beauty houses. Iconic products such as YSL's Touche Eclat, to the treatments like the classic French manicure are coming to prominence. Meanwhile, old-fashioned styles, from red lips to arched eyebrows are being celebrated. Andrea says, "These trusted techniques are welcome in an age where things move too quickly, and what we seek is stability and authenticity."

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