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What Is J-Beauty?

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Bioré

Clear skin is the foundation to helping you look and feel your best, and that's exactly what Japanese Beauty is all about. We've partnered with Bioré to break it all down with a routine that will help change your skin for the better.

There's a lot we can learn from other cultures around the world — especially when it comes to our beauty regimes. By now, you've probably mastered the art of French girl minimalism and maybe even tried your hand at multilayered Korean Beauty (also known as K-Beauty) skin care. One of the best parts about exploring these different practices, traditions, and products is that, along the way, you can take a bit of insight from each one to create a beauty routine that feels totally custom. You'll also never run out of ways to expand your knowledge.

On that front, our beauty editors are currently obsessed with Japanese Beauty (or J-Beauty), and we have a hunch you will be, too. Built on a philosophy of simple-yet-effective products, gentle ingredients, and deep hydration, it's a much more straightforward approach to achieving bright, glowing skin for the long haul. Rather than touting quick fixes, it's all about creating a strong, resilient foundation, simultaneously yielding preventative benefits against damage or early signs of ageing. Sounds intriguing, right? Just wait until you take a closer look.

To break down Japan's currently trending (but always effective!) skincare practices, we've created an editor-approved guide to J-Beauty. With the help of charcoal, a universally-loved ingredient for normal-to-oily skin types, prepare to learn need-to-know facts, a breakdown of key steps, and products to try from Japan's #1 cleansing brand, Bioré. (And if you've got combination skin, be sure to stay tuned till the end for a lineup of baking soda-infused products that'll yield similar results!) It's everything you want to know, all in one place.