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Why Do the Kids on 13 Reasons Why Have Tattoos?

We Need to Talk About the Tattoos on 13 Reasons Why

We need to have a talk about 13 Reasons Why. No, no, not about the (very important) serious aspects of the show β€” we need to talk about the metric f*ck-ton of tattoos at Liberty High School. While watching the show, it seems like half of the kids walking the halls at school have tattoos, and not just one or two; these kids are rocking full sleeves, neck tattoos, and major body modifications. We loved the show and appreciate how it's inspiring audiences worldwide, but this was a major distraction.

And it's not just us; we're talking hundreds of tweets from confused viewers all asking the same question: why the hell do these teenagers have so many tattoos?

At first, we thought that it might have been a budget issue β€” perhaps the actors playing these high school students are tatted and the studio didn't have the budget to cover them all up? But then we found out that no, the costume department actively added tattoos to several actors on the show, including the ones who play Justin and Skye. So we're left asking: what gives? We know that the show's setting is Northern California, which adds to the confusion. In California, anyone under 18 must have a parent present to undergo body modifications, and even then many reputable artists will not tattoo minors.

Between the plethora of ill-advised tattoos and the fact that these kids are meant to be 15 to 18 years old, the abundance of body art among 13 Reasons Why's high school student population left us scratching our heads. We have way more than 13 questions about the town of Crestmont's tattoo situation: is there a rogue tattoo artist at the high school? Where do these kids get the money? Do their parents just roll with it? Why are none of the teachers questioning it?!

Did this confusing aspect of the show distract you, too, like it did these confused folks? We need answers, Netflix! Please!

Image Source: Netflix
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