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Woman Hides Freckles With Makeup

This Freckle-Faced Beauty's "Power of Makeup" Post Will Empower You

NikkieTutorials' now-legendary "The Power of Makeup" video has had a lasting effect on the beauty community. Though it was posted over a year ago, women are still posting their before-and-after images on social media, celebrating both their love of cosmetics and the unique characteristics that define them.

Kelsie Swygart, a nail technician in the Midwest, recently went viral for posting her own transformative shot on Instagram. What made hers special is that underneath her full-coverage foundation is a serious smattering of freckles, which she usually shows off daily.

According to New Beauty, Kelsie was teased for her beauty marks growing up. Though she used to be ashamed of them, that feeling changed completely as she got older. "There must be something about growing up that makes you stop caring about what other people think and I think that's when I started to love them," she explained. "They make me unique . . . they're my favourite feature."

Not only do we love Kelsie's passion for her freckles, but we also adore that she used her image to shut down makeup shamers. "For everyone saying 'too much' or 'too dramatic' etc. [you] can suck eggs. Even if I did this full glam look every day, it would be nobody's concern but my own. I do feel beautiful with or without makeup." Amen! See Kelsie's usual go-to look below, then follow her new Instagram account @freckles_and_full.glam. After all the attention she's received for her "Power of Makeup" post, she's now pursuing a career in makeup artistry.

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