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Would You Dye Your Hair If You Were Pregnant?

There are gazillions of precautions that women take once the find out they are pregnant. One of the most common no no's you hear about is that hair dye can penetrate your scalp and pose a threat to your unborn child. This is why pregnant women often refuse to colour their hair. While studies show that the chemicals in hair dye may not necessarily harm the fetus, it isn't entirely risk free either. Especially in the first trimester, you risk the possibility of miscarriage and birth defects related to the heart and/or the kidneys.

Just look at Colleen Rooney who was out shopping last week in Manchester. It sure doesn't look to me like she's sporting eight months worth of growth, does it look that way to you? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the controversial topic, so vote and let me know if you think you'd dye your hair when became pregnant.

Image Source: Xposure Photos
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