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Are You Down With The Tasi Triangle Down There?

Ok ladies, it's time for some down and dirty girl talk. Apparently, one of the hottest female grooming trends in London's posh Harley Street (home to the top cosmetics procedures clinics) is the Tasmanian Triangle (aka Tasi Triangle).

This laser hair removal creates a triangle shape to your pubic hair just above the pubic bone. This high brow treatment however, doesn't run cheap. It requires six to eight sessions at £73 a pop to ensure that no re-growth occurs.

Lisa Littlehales, Clinic Manager of The Harley Medical Group believes that the triangular shape is so popular because it offers a more generous alternative to a Brazilian wax, it lasts forever, and you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs forever (just in case you were looking for justification). Would you consider getting a permanent Tasi Triangle on your ladyparts?

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