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Argos and Philips Unveil Realistic Body Hair Removal Images

Argos and Philips’ New IPL Ad Sets Out to Normalise Hair Removal — Awkward Positions and All

Argos and Philips Unveil Realistic Body Hair Removal Images
Image Source: and Philips

New research conducted by Argos and Philips found that over 11 million women are embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about hair removal, which is why the two brands have set out to change that by showcasing (and celebrating) all the awkwardness that comes with getting rid of body hair at home (if that's your thing, that is).

From this week, a new series of images showing the realities of hair removal will be used on to promote the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Device, in a bid to normalise the conversation. The ad features women bending, twisting, and contorting into the awkward positions we often find ourselves in when trying to remove body hair. "The new images aim to update depictions of hair removal, celebrating and embracing hair removal experiences," the brand said in a press release.

When quizzed on the topic, 30 percent of Brits were keen to see more relatable body shapes in images promoting hair removal products, and a further 32 percent wished to see promotional product images demonstrating hair removal in those hard-to-reach places. "We want our customers to see themselves reflected in these images and feeling reassured that we understand that the reality of hair removal isn't as glamorous as it is often seen online," said Argos's senior buyer, Jess Pasco.

Argos and Philips are also encouraging people to share their hair removal experiences using the hashtag #MyHairRemoval to help further normalise the topic in day-to-day conversation.

Get a look at all of the new Argos Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Device campaign images, ahead.

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