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Ariana Grande "My Hair" Song

Ariana Grande Dedicated a Whole Song to Her Hair, and TBH, We Get It

ICYMI: Ariana Grande released her highly-anticipated sixth album Positions this week, and it's an extremely flirty body of work dedicated to all of the things that make her feel good (read: sex). The album is filled with steamy songs boasting even steamier lyrics, including ones that hint at her love for a specific sexual position that shan't be named (this is a family site) and even one song about getting her hair pulled during those . . . intimate moments.

Yes, the singer dedicated an entire song on her album to her hair — or rather, what she'd like for her partner to do with it. The song is a slow jam, and it's already a standout track to fans on social media because of the subject matter and those crazy whistle tones at the end. With lyrics like, "Don't you be scared / To run your hands through my hair / Baby, 'cause that's why it's there" over a jazzy, '70s-esque beat, it's easy to see why. During the bridge, Grande also gives a clever callout to her famous high ponytail, saying, "Know this ain't usually me / But I might let it down for ya (Mmm) / This ain't usually me (Usually me) / But I might lеt it down for ya."

Being that her image has become synonymous with the ponytail, it isn't lost on some fans how great it is to hear her singing about letting her hair down. "The way I thought 'my hair' was gonna be Ariana dragging people for talking about her ponytail and instead it's about sex," one user tweeted.

Listen to the full track above if you haven't already.

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