Ariana Grande Has an Impressive Collection of Ink — Just Look at These 29 Tiny Tattoos

While singer Ariana Grande isn't as tattooed as her longtime friend and fellow "Stuck With U" singer Justin Bieber, she does have an impressive collection that extends into the double digits. Each tattoo tells a story and holds sentimental value. Some designs are in a few not-so-obvious spots, while others are on full display on her fingers. (No, not that finger.)

Click ahead to see a roundup of some of Grande's best ink.

Ariana Grande's Crescent Moon Tattoo

Grande's crescent moon tattoo was one of her firsts that she debuted back in 2014.

Ariana Grande's "Baby Doll" Tattoo

Another one of her earlier pieces of body art are the words "Baby Doll" inked onto Grande's left middle finger.

Ariana Grande's Manchester Bee Tattoo

The singer recently added a bee design behind her ear as a tribute to the devastating Manchester attack, which took place while she was performing.

Ariana Grande's Heart Tattoo

The next best thing to a diamond: a heart on Grande's ring finger.

Ariana Grande's "Bellissima" Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's "Bellissima" Tattoo

Grande has the word "Bellissima" written in script on her left ribcage because it is a nickname her grandfather gave her.

Ariana Grande's Mille Tendresse Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's Mille Tendresse Tattoo

The ink on the back of her neck reads "Mille Tendresse," which means "a thousand tendernesses." It was reportedly inspired by a phrase from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Ariana Grande's "אלד" Tattoo

Next to the heart on her finger is a middle finger tat of the Hebrew phrase "אלד."

Ariana Grande's Two Butterfly Tattoos

Grande recently added two intricate butterflies on her right shoulder.

Ariana Grande's Other Butterfly Tattoo
Getty | Steve Granitz

Ariana Grande's Other Butterfly Tattoo

She has another butterfly sketched on her left tricep.

Ariana Grande's The Truman Show Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's The Truman Show Tattoo

One of Garnde's favourite movies is The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey. She inked her favourite quote from the movie on her shoulder.

Ariana Grande's Eevee Tattoo

In 2019, Grande added the Pokémon character Eevee on her left arm.

Ariana Grande's Chihiro Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's Chihiro Tattoo

In 2018, Grande got a tattoo of Chihiro, a character from the 2001 film Spirited Away.

Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Tattoo

Grande attempted to get "7 Rings" tattooed on her hand in Japanese, but it didn't go as planned.

Ariana Grande's "H2GKMO" Tattoo

Grande tatted an acronym for her favourite phrase "Honest to God, Knock Me Out" on her right thumb.

Ariana Grande's Cloud and Venus Symbol Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's Cloud and Venus Symbol Tattoo

On her left hand, Grande got a small cloud tattooed, along with the Venus symbol.

Ariana Grande's Black Heart Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's Black Heart Tattoo

After splitting with her ex Pete Davidson she covered up a tattoo that said "Pete" with a black heart.

Ariana Grande's Under-Boob Leaf Tattoo

Grande got this tattoo in 2019 right before her Sweetener world tattoo.

Ariana Grande's Finger Leaf Tattoo

Grande also has a tiny branch with leaves on her index finger.

Ariana Grande's "SWT" Tattoo

On her right index finger, Grande got "SWT" which stands for Sweetener World Tour.

Ariana Grande's Moon, Sun, and Stars Tattoo

After being named Woman of the Year by Billboard in 2018, Grande got an enormous tattoo featuring a crescent moon, sun, and stars on her hand.

Ariana Grande's "REM" Tattoo

Ariana Grande's "REM" Tattoo

Behind her right ear, Grande got a small tattoo that says "REM", a song from her Sweetener album.

Ariana Grande's Angel Wing Tattoo

Ariana Grande's Angel Wing Tattoo

More recently, Grande got a small angel wing tattooed inside her ear.

Ariana Grande's Hip Tattoo

Grande has a tiny phrase tattooed on her hip that fans have tried to decipher, but have not been successful.

Ariana Grande's "Toulouse" Tattoo

This tattoo is an ode to her dog Toulouse.

Ariana Grande's "Baby" Tattoo

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Grande has a tattoo that says "baby" on her left arm near her eevee body art.

Ariana Grande's "Hi" Tattoo
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Ariana Grande's "Hi" Tattoo

Grande has a very tiny tattoo on her toe that says "hi."

Ariana Grande's "Lumos" Tattoo

Grande has the word "lumos" tattooed on her left hand, which is a spell used in the Harry Potter series to produce light.

Ariana Grande's "Let's Sing" Tattoo

Grande has the phrase "let's sing" tattooed in Japanese above her left inner elbow.

Ariana Grande's Collection of Finger Tattoos

Grande has a collection of other tiny finger tattoos that are hard to make out.