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Aura Nails Inspired by Your Aura Reading

People Are Getting Manicures Based on Their Aura Readings

  • Aura nail art is inspired by the look of an aura reading.
  • The manicure typically involves multiple colours and can be bright and cheery or dark and moody.
  • We asked a manicurist everything we should know about the aura nail trend.

"Good vibes" is more than just a saying. For some, it's an entire practice. It's not uncommon to hear the words "vibes" and "aura" used interchangeably, but the latter actually has its own meaning. An aura is an energetic force that all human beings radiate, and this energy is understood through different colours, according to Healthline.

There are a few ways to "see" your aura. The most common method has been going to professional readers and having a picture taken. Another has been to soften and slightly squint your eyes while looking in a mirror. One of our favourite ways? Painting them on your nails.

To note, aura nails don't have to feature your actual, accurate aura reading, but the trend that mimics the look has skyrocketed in popularity recently. "Aura nails are nails that mimic the colours of the body's chakras and energy colour fields," Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon, tells POPSUGAR. "It's very New Age meets Gen Z because the colours of the manicures are way more interpretive and expansive than the usual aura-chart colours. I've also heard them be referred to as 'colour trips' in the salon by clients."

Aura nails started popping up last year and have since been seen everywhere from Instagram to Coachella, but Pinto believes there is a reason they're so popular now. "Aura nails are really bright and colourful, so they give off a great energy and match almost everything in your closet," she says. With the recent rise in dopamine dressing — where wearers opt for bright, eye-catching clothing — it only makes sense that manicures would follow.

To get the trend at home, Pinto has a few tips. "Get a dotting tool and various colours of polish. Gently apply the colours to the surface of a prepared nail, which should include base coat and one sheer colour," she says. "Then build your preferred design from there using a clear topcoat to dilute the potency of the colour and add that blended effect."

If you want to give aura nails a try for yourself, we rounded up some of the best designs on Instagram to give you some inspiration.

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