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Bad Bunny’s New Tattoo: See Photos

Bad Bunny’s New Tattoo Could Be a Tribute to His Girlfriend

Bad Bunny’s New Tattoo: See Photos
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter

  • Bad Bunny has two known tattoos.
  • His latest design is speculated to be a tribute to his girlfriend.
  • See Bad Bunny's tattoos and learn their meanings here.

Bad Bunny is adding to his tattoo collection. On 5 Feb., the rapper performed a medley of hits at the 2023 Grammys, and eagle-eyed fans noticed a new design on his arm.

The tattoo is a realistic portrait of a pair of eyes located on the rapper's left forearm. Fans are speculating that it's a tribute to his partner Gabriela Berlingeri. It has a rectangular box of shading behind it, giving it a faux negative-space effect. After spotting it during his performance, fans quickly pulled up a picture from Berlingeri's Instagram account, noticing the uncanny resemblance between her eyes and the portrait. However, neither she nor the rapper has commented on any of the fan theories.

Before the latest addition, the rapper only had one known tattoo: a palm tree on his right thigh with the sun behind it. It's a design that he shares with Berlingeri. With this couple tattoo, the pair is in good company, among other stars like Steph and Ayesha Curry, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, and Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

While it's unclear whether or not Bad Bunny will continue to add to his tattoo collection, the two designs that he currently has clearly hold personal significance to him. Berlingeri, who is a jewellery designer, has been romantically linked with the rapper since 2017. Though the couple is fairly private about their relationship status, getting matching ink is a pretty serious step in any relationship. If this latest design is, in fact, a tribute to her, she must still hold a special place in his life.

Take a closer look at Bad Bunny's tattoos below.

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