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Bad Habit Eyes Open Eye Cream Review With Photos

This Product Convinced Me to *Actually* Use an Under-Eye Cream Once in a While

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Before using the Bad Habit eye cream (left), after using the Bad Habit eye cream (middle), and after using the Bad Habit eye cream and applying makeup (right).

It's funny that I'm writing a review for an eye cream from a brand called Bad Habit, because a bad habit of mine is never applying eye cream. (Though, having said that, I think we can all agree that not doing a skin-care routine isn't really a terrible habit.) Let me get real for a second, though. The reason I rarely use an eye cream is because I don't need to. I'm still in my 20s and fine lines aren't a huge skin concern for me right now — keeping my rosacea under control, on the other hand, is.

What I do like to do is apply some sort of under-eye product in the morning as a base before packing on concealer to hide any bluish tones that might come through. Bad Habit doesn't promise any far-fetched claims with its Eyes Open Caffeine & Peptide Eye Cream, it simply promises the product is "an instant pick-me-up" for the eye area. Much to my delight, that's exactly what this product achieves.

"I really appreciate brands like Bad Habit that are honest about reality," agreed Bad Habit global ambassador Emma Chamberlain. "Sometimes you are going to break out during your period. Sometimes you aren't going to wash your face for three days. Sometimes products may not work for you. That's all OK. That's all normal. Honest skin-care brands give people a new goal, which is to do your best to take care of your skin while embracing its imperfections."

As for the formula, like you would expect from an eye cream, the Eyes Open Caffeine & Peptide Eye Cream has a lightweight, creamy consistency. Plus it has a peachy tone with very light shimmer particles, which gives it an instant brightening effect without being glittery or too shiny.

The ingredients aren't particularly fussy but work nicely together. The two stars of the show are caffeine and peptides, which help to reduce puffiness and the appearance of inflammation. Other ingredients in the formula include mango butter, oat extract, marine algae — all of which help to hydrate the under-eye area. What's more, the eye cream is vegan and cruelty-free, if that's important to you when looking for skin-care products. The packaging is also simple but smart thanks to its nozzle tip for easy application.

The Bad Habit Eyes Open Caffeine & Peptide Eye Cream (£19) was instantly refreshing and even gave me a tiny cooling feeling under my eyes. I felt that it slightly de-puffed and definitely brightened my under-eyes, and it made me feel much more glowy. It sits extremely well under makeup and provides a hydrated base for my full-coverage concealer. Plus, it makes my concealer a lot less drying, since I'm prone to dry under-eyes and eyelids. Overall, I can't promise I'll be an eye cream person all the time, but I do really love this new addition to my morning routine on the days I decide to wear makeup.

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Bad Habit Eyes Open Eye Cream Review With Photos
Bad Habit Eyes Open Caffeine & Peptide Eye Cream
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