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Beauty Treatments You Shouldn't Get in the Summer

5 Beauty Treatments to Save Until After Summer, According to Experts

Beauty Treatments You Shouldn't Get in the Summer
Image Source: Getty / Enes Evren

Summer is great for a lot of things — bright makeup trends, new skin-care products, fresh hairstyles — but there are a few things in the beauty space that are better left for the colder months. As the weather heats up and we're in the sun more, there are a few beauty rules and best practices to follow, especially when it comes to beauty treatments you should and shouldn't get in the summertime.

While things like spray tans, dyeing your hair, and getting Botox go together with the warmer months just fine, certain beauty treatments — like those involving lasers — do not. Instead, these trips to the dermatologist or salon are best saved for the fall. If you're not sure what treatments are safe to get during the upcoming season, we tapped a few experts to go over the dos and don'ts of summer cosmetic procedures and skin-care treatments.

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