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Bella Hadid's Grunge Hair at Paris Fashion Week

Bella Hadid Walks the Runway With Knifelike Hair and Pencil-Thin Eyebrows

Bella Hadid's Grunge Hair at Paris Fashion Week
Image Source: Getty / Richard Bord

Bella Hadid's hair defied gravity on the runway at Paris Fashion Week on 3 Oct. While walking in the Thom Browne show on Monday, Hadid debuted a sculpted hairstyle held up by what seemed to be copious amounts of hair gel and spray. The finished product consisted of eight bleached and dip-dyed spikes — four on either side of her head — sticking out like wings in either direction. Below the spikes, Hadid's hair was slicked down flat against her head by hairstylist James Pecis.

The hairstyle added to the matador theme of Hadid's outfit: she had on a black suit-print top with a super-low-rise miniskirt layered over a black thong and a ruched red bodysuit.

Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench also heightened the drama of the showstopping look with thick eyeliner, metallic lipstick in ruby red, and a pair of '90s-inspired pencil-thin eyebrows. For one final touch of futuristic edge, Ffrench added massive circles of grey eyeshadow to Hadid's forehead, cheekbones, and chin, which stood out under the mesh veil plastered across her face and hair.

The supermodel's punk-rock runway look is just one of many memorable beauty moments she's been having lately, including the chunky '90s headband she sported earlier during Paris Fashion Week, the double-braided ponytail she wore at Beyoncé's 41st birthday party, and the baby french manicure she showed off in a recent Instagram post.

Take a glimpse at Hadid's gravity-defying hairstyle on the Thom Browne runway ahead.

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