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The Most Memorable Celebrity Tattoos From 2019

51 of the Best — and Most Memorable — Celebrity Tattoo Moments of 2019

The Most Memorable Celebrity Tattoos From 2019
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur

You've heard it ever since you bought your first J-14 magazine: "Stars — they're just like us!" Here's the thing: they're really not. For example, you spend your Sundays standing in line at Trader Joe's, while they walk red carpets and sign autographs (they still do that, right?). By and large, we don't share a lot in common with celebrities. The only exception: tattoos. If anyone loves a trendy and delicate tattoo more than regular people, it's celebrities. Just look at how many memorable celebrity tattoos came out of this year.

It's not as though celebrities have never gotten tattoos before, because they totally have. It's just that in the last year, Hollywood was sick with tattoo fever, heading to local studios and artists almost weekly to add ink to their growing collections. This year alone, Demi Lovato added at least five tattoos to her collection, Ariana Grande got close to 10, and don't even get us started on all the ink Miley Cyrus has accumulated since her split with Liam Hemsworth. Bottom line: there was a lot of unforgettable ink added to the arms, legs, necks, and hands of stars this year, and we've rounded up every single one (at least, the ones we could find).

Check out the most memorable celebrity tattoos from 2019 ahead.

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