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Editor-Approved Face Masks For Every Skin Type

18 Editor-Approved Face Masks For Every Skin Type

Editor-Approved Face Masks For Every Skin Type

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As beauty editors, there are certain skincare products that are very important to us: SPF (which should be worn every single day — no exceptions), our trusty retinol, and our absolute favourite face masks.

Why do we love face masks? Well, they can make our complexion superglowy when it's feeling dull, soothe angry spots and irritation in times of need, and give us that heavenly postfacial feeling while we're currently unable to get to the spa. In short, it's the one skincare product that's both practical and indulgent — a luxurious treat that not only helps our skin, but our moods and piece of mind, too.

Thing is, there are literally hundreds of skincare masks out there. There are masks in jars and masks on sheets; masks that hydrate and masks that deep clean; masks that are high-end and masks on the high street, but they all promise the same thing: visible results within a matter of minutes. And while it's fun to experiment, it can definitely be confusing (and expensive) if you're unsure of what mask you want or what mask your skin needs.

Now that we've got more time our hands, we've also been using a lot more face masks, which is why we decided to round up all of our top favourites. We already had a robust list of face masks we love — after all, it's been our job as beauty editors to try hundreds of them over the years — but since lockdown, we've added a few more to the mix. This comprehensive list includes face masks at every price point and for every skin concern, whether you're looking for a surge of moisture or to deep clean your pores within an inch of their lives. Read on to discover our editor-approved masks that we rate for brightening, pore-clearing, line-smoothing, and hydrating.

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