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Best Lip Balm For Your Personality

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We've partnered with eos to bring you the delicious flavours and nourishing ingredients that perfectly match your personality.

We swipe on lip balm countless times a day, we have one stashed in pretty much every bag and drawer, and we can't resist buying them in bulk. To say that we're balm-obsessed is a bit of an understatement. And yet, we're always on the hunt for a new favourite. Normally, we seek them out based on their qualities, like a fun flavour or natural formula, but this time, we're letting the balm come to us based on our personality. Take our fun quiz ahead to discover which balm is your perfect match — just think of it as beauty destiny.

Find Your New Favourite Lip Balm
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Tell us yourfavourite colour: Strawberry Pink Mint Green Raspberry Red Peachy Pink Coconut White Pineapple Yellow Pick a cocktail: Peach Bellini Strawberry Frosé Pomegranate Martini Mint Julep Pina Colada Coconut Martini What's your dreamholiday destination? Marrakesh Costa Rica Paris Tahiti Napa Valley Swiss Alps You suddenly have aSaturday afternoonfree. How do youspend your time? Work Out At the Beach Chill at Home Shop Brunch At the Farmer'sMarket What's an adjectivepeople use todescribe you? Calm Sweet Adventurous Playful Active Spontaneous