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Boots Releases Harry Potter Quill Liquid Eyeliner

You'd Be Riddikulus Not to Get This £6 Harry Potter Quill Eyeliner From Boots

Boots Releases Harry Potter Quill Liquid Eyeliner
Image Sources: Boots and Everett Collection

Just when we thought the world of makeup couldn't get any more magical, Boots went and launched a Harry Potter Quill Liquid Eyeliner. Yep, you read that right . . . A Harry Potter Quill Liquid Eyeliner.

The eyeliner comes housed in an adorable ink pot, with the rose-gold quill being both the lid and end of the liner brush. We haven't tried the eyeliner for ourselves, so we can't report on how easy the quill is to actually use or what the wear time of the liner is like, but if it's anything like the pens in Hogwarts, maybe it'll make doing the perfect cat eye as easy as "swish and flick". Regardless, for £6 I'm compelled to buy it for myself purely based on the packaging (I should be better than that, but I'm just not).

This isn't the only Harry Potter-themed beauty product Boots has on offer this year. Based off the success of last year, the Harry Potter selection is vast and includes: Deathly Hallows lipsticks, golden snitch bath bomb, Hogwarts House nail polish, Hedwig lip balm, Hogwarts bath essence, and many more. Ahead, get a closer look at the new quill eyeliner and some of the other standout Harry Potter gifts you can get from Boots this year.

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