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Box Bob Haircut Trend For 2023

The "Box" Bob Is Going to Be Big in 2023

Box Bob Haircut Trend For 2023

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It would be incorrect to say bob haircuts went out of style (they never have and never will) but over the past few years, they certainly weren't favoured as heavily as long hairstyles. Most of last year was ruled by flowy '90s blowdrys and cascading heatless curls, but after allowing that to play out for some time, many people are itching for a change and willing to chop it all off, leaving room for the latest and greatest short haircut trend to enter: the "box" bob.

If you need any further proof that bob haircuts are the It haircut of 2023, turn your attention to Kourtney Kardashian, Lori Harvey, Kirsten Dunst, Millie Bobby Brown, and Gabrielle Union, to list just a few notable names. Here's everything you need to know about the boxy iteration of the trend.

What Is a Box Bob Haircut?

There are a variety of different style bobs out there for you to choose from, but the "box" bob, in particular, is gaining attention at the moment. "[It's] cut to chin length and is very blunt and choppy, giving the illusion of a boxy, square silhouette with plenty of volume," Nicole Petty, a hair expert at Milk + Blush, tells POPSUGAR. "Recently sported by the likes of Kristen Bell and Christina Ricci, it is an iteration of the classic bob style that works wonderfully for fine hair, as it can add texture and fullness to hair that can otherwise look flat."

The "box" bob accomplishes this voluminous look by reducing the weight of the hair, allowing for more movement throughout the head, and effectively kissing limp ends goodbye. It accentuates the jawline and has a very playful, piece-y, textured look.

If you need further convincing, Petty points out another big perk to this haircut. "It is a low-maintenance style, perfect for [people] looking to reduce styling time," she says. It also looks great on all hair types and can be adjusted as needed. "For example, those with thick hair should opt for a 'box' bob with plenty of texture and layering for more movement and less bulkiness," says Petty. Meanwhile, those with wavy and straight hair look best in a "softer cut and some longer layers that will accentuate the natural wave but still provide plenty of volume." Curly hair, on the other hand, looks great with rounded layers that frame the face.

How to Style a Box Bob Haircut

Texture and volume are key to the "box" bob. "Styling it with undone waves is the best way to go," says Petty. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you should be able to apply your normal products postshower to wet ends, air-dry or diffuse, and go. If your hair is straight, giving it a little scrunch with some mousse or even just a leave-in conditioner will help add some body.

Alternatively, if you prefer to heat-style, this haircut looks great with a loose S-wave or bend toward the ends, which can be achieved with a flat iron, like the GHD Platinum+ Styler - 1" Flat Iron (£219).

"Using a straightener to create a soft bend in the hair can work wonderfully for creating a tousled and natural look," says Petty. "Start by creating an S-shaped bend in your hair and carefully use the straightener to run it over the held curve in your hair, then bend in the opposite direction to create the wave effect."

Ahead, get more inspiration for the "box" bob haircut trend to take with you to the salon.

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