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The Meaning Behind Cardi B’s 10 Tattoos

Check Out Cardi B's 10 Tattoos, Including the 1 That Took 60+ Hours to Complete

The Meaning Behind Cardi B’s 10 Tattoos
Image Source: Getty / Angela Weiss

In everything from her music videos showing off her body art, Cardi B is anything but shy. The rapper has 10 different tattoos (that we know of, anyway), and while some are some are small and subtle, others are bonafide works of art. You can see her old ink and her latest pieces all over her Instagram page, but weirdly enough, Cardi B plays it coy when it comes to the meaning behind most of her tats.

For a better look at her full collection, from the tiny tattoo behind her right ear to the mystery name on the back of her neck, check out the gallery to see Cardi B's many tats.

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